Friday, July 24, 2009


This morning Miss M and I went to the zoo with my brother Ben and my sister Laura's girls. Miss M was as uncooperative in front of a camera as ever (I really need a faster camera to get better shots at a smile from her :), Ben was cooperative on his own terms (he refused to take a group picture), and as always, my sister's girls were very fun to shoot (with a camera of course!!). We had a great time feeding Budgies today. Mckenna was content to watch everyone else feed them. She would not go near the birds for a picture.

We went early, well, I think 10 a.m. is early, just so we could try to catch the polar bears in action, but alas, the polar bears are active at 9-9:30ish a.m. The only one on exhibit today was sleeping on a rock when we got there. Next time!! We did catch the walruses while they were being fed! Besides the Budgies, I think that was the animal highlight of our trip. I love having a zoo membership - no pressure to do/see it all in one day!! :)

We came home for lunch and now the girls are playing happily upstairs in Miss M's room. Ben wanted to go home right after the trip - He ended up not being very happy with me at the end of our trip; true signs we are siblings despite our age difference!
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Monday, July 20, 2009


Char and I went shopping with our neices today and these girls are super fun to shop for! We had fun dressing them up like rock stars; aren't they cute?! Girls are way too much fun to shop for!! :)
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Who is this girl related to?

You know, they say looking at your child is like looking in a mirror ... :)

About this point, my husband told me that he knows exactly whose daughter this is and he is not sure it is his. I have completely embraced my insanity and their names are Mr. C and Miss M. :)

Thursday, July 16, 2009

Monkey See, Monkey Do :)

Miss M saw a video of her cousin Audrey doing this and wanted to do one of her own. This is something I say to her when she whines. :)

Boom Boom Pow

Miss M watch music videos of her cousin Audrey and decided she wanted make one of her own. She loves this song and makes me turn it up when it comes on in the car. :) So, here you go Audrey! This one's for you!

We just enjoyed another fun summer day at the zoo with cousins! My sister Laura's girls were striking poses for me all over the place, but Miss M would only pause for the camera to give me her "stink face." She is not very cooperative in front of a camera so I was loving my well-trained neices! We had a great time! My husband is even featured in this collage. He was not at the zoo with us, but ... if you look to the right you will see a pink starfish, which the girls said was Patrick Star, one of Miss M's nicknames for her daddy (we like to watch Spongebob :). Don't you think the resemblance is amazing?! Just kidding! :)
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Tuesday, July 14, 2009

...and the living is easy :)

Here is Miss M relaxing in her little pool in our "needs a lot of work" backyard. We have been enjoying lovely weather! :)
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